Krino AI

We remember our friend Jan Van Oort

KRINO AI: The world’s 1st engine for causal inference and argumentation

What is KRINO?

Krino AI is an assistant to evaluate arguments in written natural language. It is not a fully-automated engine, but rather an aids human agents in analyzing written text and disentangling critical aspects of the underlying argument structure.


  • Make the verification of information, in terms of correctness and completeness, affordable and accessible to every competent user, resulting in the corroborated belief about analyzed arguments and decision-making.
  • Provide a tool which gives the user the possibility of enhancing/upgrading/improving their cognitive environment (and the information they analyze) by making it more transparent, rational, and comprehensible.
  • Build Krino as an inspectable, white-box AI engine that communicates with the user in natural language.
  • Tailor Krino to different use cases and contexts, while maintaining the core functionalities of the Krino engine.

In Memory of Jan Van Oort

Jan Van Oort

It is with great regret that we announce the recent passing of Jan van Oort. Jan is missed by many friends and loved ones. He was of an inspiring game-changing attitude, always on the lookout and driven to make the world a better place. For years he was a principal trainer and consultant for SparxSystems, and recently he was a driving force in two highly innovative startups, one of which is Krino.

Dear Jan, wherever you are now, your vision lives on, especially right here. You have been the seed of a great idea and cause, and will remain so forever. All love and good thingsā€¦

Your Krino Team