Krino AI

Artificial Intelligence
: The world’s 1st engine for causal inference and argumentation

What is KRINO?

Krino AI is an assistant to evaluate arguments in written natural language. It is not a fully-automated engine, but rather an aids human agents in analyzing written text and disentangling critical aspects of the underlying argument structure.


  • Make the verification of information, in terms of correctness and completeness, affordable and accessible to every competent user, resulting in the corroborated belief about analyzed arguments and decision-making.
  • Provide a tool which gives the user the possibility of enhancing/upgrading/improving their cognitive environment (and the information they analyze) by making it more transparent, rational, and comprehensible.
  • Build Krino as an inspectable, white-box AI engine that communicates with the user in natural language.
  • Tailor Krino to different use cases and contexts, while maintaining the core functionalities of the Krino engine.

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